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Living Dangerously - Nebulizer Cleaning

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Hello @thumperguy. I am so glad to hear that you continue to maintain good health and are flare free for 16 months! That is wonderful news.

You will notice that I added to your title so that others can recognize an opportunity to contribute to this discussion about nebulizer cleaning regimen. How long have you been using this process, if you don't mind me asking?

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Amanda, I began the Percussion Vest and the nebulizer November 2017. I don’t recall any “involved” cleaning instructions. If there were any I apparently ignored them.
So to your explicit question, well over three years. Don

Amanda, glad to be “flare free,” just don’t want to be mistaken as “flair free.”

Amanda, perhaps a year. The lynchpin of the process is a brief initial white vinegar bath during which the mouthpiece is dismantled, placed in a Tupperware container with enough vinegar in it to cover the parts. Lid on, I briefly agitate the container to insure every surface gets some vinegar, enough I hope to drastically shorten the life expectancy of what ever might be camping on the surfaces. Then rinse in warm water with a little soap on the part that enters my mouth. Allow to air dry. I leave the vinegar in the container and reuse it several times before replacing. As you can surmise, this is really Rocket Science. 😂 Don

Hi Amanda..I boiled my equipment in a silicone basket for 10 minutes, every second day..in the am I soak in hot boiled soapy water, then put in a baby bottle sterilizer to dry..tubing is changed monthly.this info is coming from Dr Falkingham, the MAC guru.

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