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Hip Replacement - Are ligaments repaired?

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@yukoner777 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

Surgery is always a big choice and it is best to do your own research along with consulting professionals.

There are numerous conversations around THR. Members @contentandwell @lotsofpain @peggyp @hopalongnm3 @breick @palmsprings59 @cobweb @abhilashrathore @breick @nmcwill @mamm @edmcrae @mamie @wildebjef @oregonjan have been part of these conversations and may be able to help answer you question.

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I'm not sure where you are in the process of scheduling a THR. May I ask if you have called or messaged your provider and/or surgeon regarding this question?

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Hi Erika
I consulted with an Orthopedic surgeon a couple of years ago. At that time (and up until recently) I was trying to put off the surgery as long as possible, as I enjoy playing soccer throughout the year. He basically told me to come see him again when I've decided to hang up my soccer shoes. I have a GP app't coming up shortly and I'll be requesting to be put on the THR waiting list then. Although, depending on how things go after the surgery and recovery time, I may still try to play a bit of soccer. I know it's not advised, but I'm playing with a senior's league, so it's not real competitive and I don't have to do much running. As it is, I'm out there "running" around like I've got a wooden leg. But like I say, we'll see how I'm feeling after I'm recovered. My other sports passion is golf, which I know can be played after the THR, but unfortunately, living in Yukon, that only goes for about five months of the year.

I'm sorry, @erikas and @yukoner777 I have never had a hip replacement so I know little about them except that they are easier to recover from than knee replacements and seem to be more satisfactory than knee replacements. I know many people who have hip replacements and none that are not happy with them.

I have had two knee replacements and am good with both of them other than wishing I had a bit more flex.