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Facial Lichen Planus

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@artist01. Thanks so much for your kind words. Luckily the dermatologist prescribed Magic Mouthwash which has lidocaine. Having thrush and lichen planus in your mouth at the same time is painful and this mouthwash gets rid of the pain while I brush and floss. My thrush is slowly going away but the Nystatin I have to apply 4 times daily makes my teeth extremely sensitive! Magic mouthwash helps me to be able to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth that my oral lichen planus wouldn’t normally allow me to use. I am a hot mess. Sorry to go on and on.

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@bustrbrwn22 Hi Buster! It's perfectly o.k. to go on and on. That's what we have to do here!
I'm happy your doctor has given you some solutions. I've used Nystatin, but with no luck. We're all different, so I'm glad it's helping you. I have a special mouthwash too, which is helpful. I use Arm and Hammer toothpaste, which has no bad ingredients, and especially no laural sulphate. Very successful for me. It's a constant battle of learning what helps and what doesn't!
Keep up the good work. Together we can DO this! All the best, Laurie.

@bustrbrwn22 I forgot to mention, if I haven't already, that I've been searching for Orabase Paste and couldn't find any. It's made by the makers of Orajel. I used to use it for the occasional mouth canker back in the day. It covers the sore with the paste and protects it from touching your teeth, so alleviates the pain for a while. I finally found I could order it online at Amazon. Four small tubes for approx $12.00. I usually use it at bedtime so you're not talking, eating, etc., and your mouth is at rest. It's a little gucky in the morning when your teeth might be covered with some of it, but it's worth it! I think it's a wiser choice than the corticosteroids my doctors have prescribed because it does essentially the same thing. I still use the Clobetasol once a day, as prescribed by my doc, but Orabase Paste can be used as often as necessary with no restrictions. Your pharmacy might carry it too.