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Facial Lichen Planus

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@erikas. @artist01. Well finally saw dermatologist. I have now developed severe rosacea on my face (I look like a tomato) and thrush in my mouth (in addition to my oral LP). The rosacea I was given a cream for to apply twice daily and I had to cut back to once daily because it burned. It is VERY slowly working. I guess rosacea is for life so I’d like to hear from others how they deal with this. I am thinking these could have been caused by being on an extended dose of Amox-Clav for my Interstitial Cystitis? I now have burning when I urinate so am waiting for my doc to call me regarding the urinalysis test results. It mentioned moderate blood, squamous cells present, and a lot of other things that should have been no are yes. I am worried. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner many tests for everything especially surgery for my sciatica.

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@bustrbrwn22 I'm truly sorry you're going through so much frustration, and pain, tests, all of it. I hope some of your issues are resolved soon. It's so difficult when there are so many health concerns for you and your doctors.
I'm still having a great deal of trouble with the OLP but, like you, I've got so many other health problems It's difficult to concentrate on only one thing. I currently have 7 specialists, one for almost every part of my body!
I'm sorry I don't have any help for you.
What I'm doing for my OLP is taking
one 237 mg capsule of Curcumin Ultra, as well as applying straight CBD Oil directly on my mouth lesions. My ENT specialist prescribed Clobetasol Ointment, but I'm only supposed to use it once a day "if painful". Well, it's ALWAYS painful and I wish I could use it more often. Both my pharmacist and the specialist advised NOT to use it more than once a day. It eases the pain for a while, at least. The CBD Oil soothes the pain for a while too, but not for long enough. Take care. Thinking of you. Wish I could help.