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Hi @tunared I wanted to respond to the last line of your post: "If her neurologist is correct and there is no current medication proven to cure or slow the progression of MCI, then why spend 3-6 anxious hours taking a neuropsych test?"

Speaking from my wife's experiences with these tests I observed that her only real anxiety was before the test, but that once participating she quickly lost her anxiety as she focused on the tests themselves.

Also in her case there was never any medicine or medical intervention that would cure or improve her brain cancer. We knew that, but realized the value of these tests was in their ability to help her, our adult children, and me understand and live the highest quality lives we could given her and our circumstances. I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial the findings of her neuropsychological tests were to me as her caregiver. They helped me formulate, plan, and then execute the very best life and care paths for her as I possibly could. Prior to those tests I was just stumbling around in the dark trying to guess which way was best for us to go.

Strength, courage, and peace

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Scott, so well said! I echo every word….blessings and thank you for sharing. You are helping me as the one who walked with my mother on this journey with MCI. It's been several years, but after 12 years of working with her and the many changes we we both expeienced, I am still learning more about my own health and growth and healing from those years. Mayo is helping me so much in this healing as well. We didn't have support groups and I didn't have this wonderful resource, so I'm playing 'catch up' at this point…..but getting there!

Take care and enjoy this day! elizabeth