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Hello, @gladiator14. I can understand and agree with your reluctance to put more chemicals into your body. Your protocol is intriguing. How did you come up with those specifics?
Based upon anecdotal information that I’ve heard and read, I take Knudson’s Just Tart Cherry juice, frozen cherries which I microwave to thaw, Fage dark cherry yogurt, and cherries when in season. I don’t necessarily take these every day. I drink morning coffee, then water or other non-alcoholic and non-carbonated liquids all day long.
I read that gout may be caused by chronic kidney disease. I have heard differing medical opinions on whether gout can lead to kidney stones. There are also differing opinions on whether vegetable purines, as opposed to meat purines, should be avoided. Additionally, two recent studies question if there is even a connection between uric acid levels and gout.
I hope you find this helpful.

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Sorry for my delay in responding just haven't been keeping up. As far as how I came up with the protocol. I have a Master of Nutrition degree and I spent a lot of time looking at the research. Your taking the Knudson's is fine but I have read studies that the Montmorency type of cherry from Michigan is the most beneficial based on nutrient content. I use Obstbaum Orchards concentrate which is much cheaper and can be bought online. It also has a longer shelf life and I just use it full strength in smoothies or it can be reconstituted back into juice by adding water. I know from my experience when my uric acid levels were 14-16 I had many more gout episodes. Touch wood I am now 6-7 and can't remember my last episode. So I do see a correlation with me as far as uric acid levels. All in all the protocol helped to start but when I found out the CKD and started to limit my proteins, especially from animal sources which I still eat 3-4 times a week, and reduced my sodium things really improved. Also my eGFR and creatinine levels have improved as well.
Hope that helps.