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@lindes Insurance can be confusing in the best of times. I worked in insurance and it still trips me up sometimes.

You may wish to find a local location where you can do the therapy. That facility should be able to let you know what kind of insurance coverage you should expect.

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May I ask if you have considered calling Medicare to ask this question?

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I have not, because each time I called them, I knew more than they did (I am a retired medical doctor myself), and it was wasted time. I just had never dealt with a condition I have, and was hoping to get more information here.

@erikas Thank you for tagging me. While I have not worked in the insurance business, my health issues have forced me to get very involved with providers and insurance! @lindes It is important that your medical team use the correct procedure number. My simple suggestion is to call medicare and ask your question. You may not get any proper information, based on who answers, but many of the people are very good. You can go to the medicare website and check, also. https://www.medicare.gov/what-medicare-covers