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The hospital is the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Methodist Campus. The surgeon suggested pelvic floor therapy might be a good idea, but that was it. I live in southern Florida, and got no other advise from the surgeon
I have Medicare and a Plan F on top of it I had a vaginal canal reconstruction, the surgery did not cost me anything, but I have no clue about the therapy.

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@lindes Insurance can be confusing in the best of times. I worked in insurance and it still trips me up sometimes.

You may wish to find a local location where you can do the therapy. That facility should be able to let you know what kind of insurance coverage you should expect.

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May I ask if you have considered calling Medicare to ask this question?

@lindes I had pelvic floor PT a couple of years ago and there was no problem with my Medicare paying for it. I have regular Medicare and also Plan F for my supplemental. I never thought to check but you may want to just to be sure. I just figured it was PT and they pay for a certain amount of PT.

My doctor (urogynecologist) provided me with a list of all of the Pelvic Floor therapists within quite a few miles. Since your doctor is in MN and you are looking for PT in FL that doctor may not have that resource but I'm sure you can find out somehow.

@lindes I have pelvic dysfunction w/some incontinence, had vaginal tightening surgery years ago. Mayo doc in Jax is working w/me now re these issues, several are active now, She referred me to a physical therapy in Jax that specializes in this type of therapy and I'm scheduling tomorrow. Not pleased with this diagnosis, but expect this will help and Medicare and my United Health Care Plan F cover the cost 100%. Blessings and I hope you get the help you need. elizabeth