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I again thank you but: (Fast reader) Truly no information. Must be they need more experience with the vaccinations to get back the data needed for answers. Back to worrying or if should I take the vaccine. Must get my paperwork in order.

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@peach414144 Well, peach, I can add a few cents to this question. I have sarcoid, since age 40, in remission then with extreme steroid therapy. It attacked my lungs and has been back for numerous visits through the years. I am currently using steroid eye drops for sarcoid in the eyes. I have multiple chronic illnesses, other autoimmune diseases with nothing out of control at this moment, thankfully.

But, I was on the Mayo list for the Moderna vaccine in January, the first day available. I got both shots at Mayo in Jan/Feb and am still alive. I had no side effects after the first shot, other than pure joy and elation. I was a bit non-pulsed that they were giving shots based on morbidity w/covid 19…that gave me pause, to realize I really am a pretty sick puppy.

The second shot was a quite different story. After a few hours, my arm began throbbing with the normal shot reactions. I developed every side effect that has by now been mentioned – extreme fatigue, headache, severe aching all over my body-bones/muscles/skin …every inch hurt, strong low-grade fever, chills, very ill…But I reminded myself that this was a good thing, that my body was fighting back and making lots of antibodies. I crawled back into bed that 2nd day, slept, sweat profusely, fever broke and I got better.

I'm determined I will not get covid 19. Have been since last March when we began this ridiculous, crazy journey of so many losses and requirements and so many changes in all our lives. Took it very seriously, but it hasn't controlled my life. Now, with this vaccination in my body, I think I have improved my chances greatly. I had many reasons to fear the vaccine, but I will not be afraid of this virus!

I think fear is a dangerous emotion to allow to control me. Therefore, I will control it. I will wash my hands, stay 3-6 feet from most folks, wear one of my plethara of stylish and not so stylish masks….with a filter inserted, I still have my groceries and meds delivered, buy too much on-line, live an isolated life, still don't go to church but do participate on zoom or website, generally socialize with folks at Mayo Clinic! That's where I do some walking in the hallways between buildings, with my walker and enjoy the exercise inside like that. Surrounded by people, living, breathing human beings…..so, I'm not alone.

But, let me tell you this, peach, this ends soon for me. I will not allow anyone to continue to control my life now that I have and so many others have rec'd the vaccines and developed antibodies. I will begin to add life, renovation begins in my bathrooms this week…..again and will be finished. I'm lining up the work to get it done in good order but beginning now. I will go to the grocery store again soon, to lunch with friends. I will live again~

Yep! But, I'll continue to be thoughtful, safe and consider both my and other's safety. Wish you well in your decision…..we make decisions that are best for us based on the facts we gather. We are in charge of us! It took me years to learn that fact and act on it. Now, it seems to be a cornerstone of my life philosophy.

Blessings to you on this crazy journey we're living…..elizabeth