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Another question… perhaps an audiologist or experienced researcher could help…

When doing pure tone tests, why does sound from my right ear seem audible in my left? This also occurs with noise masking the left ear. Above my "break point" of 7000Hz sounds entering the right ear are apparent in either the center of my head or left. This diminished above 12kHz… but even at 14kHz on a right ear test, some of the sound is present in the center/left of my head.

One more question… When listening to these pure tones above the 7000Hz range, it causes an increased feeling of pressure in my inner ear, sinus cavity, and behind my right eyeball. Seems weird. Would love to ask my ENT but the nurse hasn't called back.

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The fact that you are able to describe all of these changes should be a huge help in getting the support you seek. The question is whether it will come from an audiologist or an ENT. Keep documenting everything.