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Second Nissen Failure... what are my options?

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As I read these posts I have to express how sorry I am for all that everyone is going through. But, I really appreciate your candor and sharing your experiences; good and bad.

I have a second surgical consult coming up (first surgeon thinks Linx might be right for me so have manometry and pH study scheduled). As I read your posts, I’m trying to come up with a list of questions to be ready with. Any input is greatly appreciated! Examples:
How many Nissen’s have you done?
How many have failed and had to be redone? (How many were in the last year?)
Do you use mesh as a solution and if so when/why?
Linx- how many, under what circumstances do you do that vs Nissan.
Can you put me in touch with patients who have had both types and one who had a failed Nissen?

I have to do research still on hernias as I do have one.

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

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@penny406 When at Mayo about my Post Operative Gastroparesis the GI Doctor in Minnesota told me that 1 in 6 Nissens Fail..

My sister passed away last summer. She had so many surgeries and mesh in her stomach–it hurt her constantly. She rubbed her stomach all the time–also, it was quite enlarged and she wasn't large at all–just her stomach–huge. My daughter had three surgeries of having mesh in her stomach to fix hernias. It felt like it got very hard. She passed of other complications at age 49. I would never recommend mesh.

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