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Pandemic Savings and New Splurges

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@sueinmn Sue, you and your husband could be a traveling team. He could do the cleanup and you could do the planting. I miss the old days when my friend and I did for each other – she tended my garden (which is in total disarray now despite having grounds person who does cleanup at the beginning and end of the season) and I made her meals! It was perfect.

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Under that snow out there – and all the way around the house – are all the gardens I can possibly manage! A few years ago, we put in permanent edging to curb my urge to add new beds all the time. Last year I spent the pandemic summer thinning and taming the two largest beds in back to make maintenance easier. This year the front beds will get the same attention. I even bring in teen helpers to do the leaf removal, dig old shrubs out & mulch, and adult "share the plant" helpers to thin & transplant the hundred of perennials.

Superb idea, @contentandwell!! @sueinmn and hubby could easily swing by my locale on their return to Texas. Consider me pre-registered!!! How lovely, too, that you and your friend had such a wonderful arrangement! Talk about a great working partner friendship! Awesome.