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Marijuana for Chronic Pain Experiences

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Oct 20, 2021 | Replies (50)

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I live in FL too and have a mj doc. I have Sjogren's , severe osteoarthritis , and severe fibromylagia. Plus I am on doxycycline for Ocular rosacea and that makes me very queasy. When I first got the approval, I received a list of all the mj docs recommendations. But it seemed like too much plus I have asthma and COPD and my lung doc said never to Vape. Luckily, I met with a consultant at the dispensary before I started using mj and he said the motto is "go low and slow". He also said that if I take too much THC, and feel weird or excessively sleepy, to take straight CBD and that will off set the effects of the THC. CBD helps with nausea and after my Gamma brain surgery, the neurosurgeon had me take 2 cc's of CBD and it really helped with the headache and nausea after he took the helmet off. I use tinctures and just started one with a 1:1 ratio as my pain has gotten worse. I take 3 drops sometimes every 2 hours. However, I always have straight CBD in the house. Indica makes me too tired and very sleepy so I avoid it. CBD has really helped me and I hope it helps you. Good luck.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with mj. My pain mgmt doc gave me info on Trulieve clinics here in JAX, and it says to start the process with a consultation with one of their certified consultants. As I've been doing a little research, that seems like the best idea. I am also getting the sense from the many Connect friends, that taking mj is a very individual experience and each person must tweak it to suit her needs. Hope this is a good day! Sue