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Marijuana for Chronic Pain Experiences

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Oct 20, 2021 | Replies (50)

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@ashby1947, Hi there Sue.......and thanks for the introduction @gingerw. Medical cannabis can be very helpful even to this 79-year-old woman who has been using it for pain management these last five years. I am very happy to get you started. Are you in Florida? Did your pain management provider help you put together a daily protocol for you? Frequently you will find that kind of help with product selection and dosage within the staff at the dispensary.

You can also find assistance from leafly.com, informative and authentic.

For the most part, you can eliminate the recreational products....edibles, vapes, and pills. To begin with, you only need to have just two products: tinctures and topicals. What pain or discomfort would you like help with right away? Do you need help with sleep or getting exercise in comfort, not pain? Let's begin and see how it goes. I will respond to your posts as quickly as possible.

May you be free if suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Hi Chris - Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, I am in Florida. When I look at the leafly website you mention, I get thoroughly confused. So many different products, so many different ways to dose, etc. I see the PA at my pain mgmt doc next week, and I think she will be able to provide me with some answers and direction. So far, I have gathered that I will have a consultation with a dispensary "Certified Consultant" - at a dispensary which my doc recommended. I notice varying THC percentages. Do you know anything about that?

I won't be using MJ all the time, since my radiofrequency ablations and facet joint injections seem to hold me for several months. However, a procedure wears off, then the pain. I have finally been able to use tramadol along with zofram (used to make be seriously nauseous); however, I dislike the side effects. I know the ablations and steroid injections will lose effectiveness as time wears on, so I want to be prepared now. Plus, who knows? I may prefer MJ and get better relief. I have some heart issues, so I'll have to monitor that also. But at my age, I will make some adjustments to get my best life.

Again, I appreciate your insights and experiences.

I hope today is a good day!

Chris, you are so wonderful. Your help in this area is indispensable for me and others of us who are new to this area. I never thought I'd use MJ for any reason, but it's such an important part of my pain/sleep/anxiety treatments. I couldn't get through this time of my life without the relief it gives me that allows me to be so much more active, and get good rest. Thank you. I'll be reading and learning from you as you help ashby1947.
Blessings to you and may your day be beautiful!

I am not familiar with using medical medical marijuana however I am currently on Vicodin for chronic pain. I live in Sarasota Florida. I want to get off Vicodin but not sure how that transition would work. I want to try the medical marijuana but don’t know if that would be a problem if it does not work and I need to go back to pain management. Anyone familiar with transitioning and how this will effect things with pain management Drs. Thx