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Small fiber neuropathy and muscle tightness

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Hi. Hope someone can answer your questions or shed some light on….. I have yet to get a diagnosis but from Internet would not be surprised I have SFN. Peripheral Neuropathy since 2016 and over last late summer/fall… felt like my legs were like sticks and as you describe, affected my "gait" sort of like my legs didn't belong to me!
Will have to look up post viral syndrome… but the internal shaking/tremors now get quite bad to the point of pain and yes around my neck and back of head like someone hit me with a shovel… the symptoms vary depending on if I spent the day in bed; or had to go out etc. oh your wrist didn't require surgery but I hope they at least strapped it so it would heal ok? Unfortunate tests did not help…. I am in a northern Ontario town and we don't even have a neurologist … am waiting for a teleconference call in a few weeks… but I am not holding out much hope of either a diagnosis or cure. J.

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All we can do is pray, unfortunately I don’t believe cold weather helps either. Mine started when my head wanted to pull down towards my chest. Never had any issues in my life before, so it rocked my normal world for sure. Thank you for sharing and hope you get relief, improvement then recovery !!!

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