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Cyst on Pancreas?

Pancreatic Cancer | Last Active: Apr 27, 2021 | Replies (59)

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Hi! I am a caregiver for a 76 year old man who had gall bladder surgery and developed several cysts on his pancreas. Your best source of general info is on the Mayo website…just type in whatever you wnt want to know and you will find lots of info on pancreatic cysts. Gary went thru scans to determine if they needed to be removed via the Whipple procedure. It was determined by his gastro dr. and the pancreatic surgeon that one needed to be removed. It was a long process but NO cancer. He is fine today and out on the boat!
My advice….read all you can, find the best drs. in your area, go see them now! Relax! It may be nothing. Gary has 2 more cysts that are being watched and may do nothing.
If you are in FL I can give you good places to start. Just do it cuz Pancreatic cancer moves very fast…you have to be faster!

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I have 2 cysts on pancreas.Dr doesn’t seem worried about it but I am

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