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Hi @christinakelley411, I add my welcome. I moved your message to the Brain & Nervous System group here https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/brain-and-nerve-diseases/

I did this so you can connect with other members talking about Tourette syndrome in children and adult children like @indreni77 @grandmar @kk and @nire.
I have the same questions as Lori. Have his symptoms worsened recently? What triggers them getting worse?

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Welcome to the group!
My granddaughter was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome 2 years ago when she was 8 years old.
Her symptoms were:
rapid blinking like something was in her eyes;
constant sniffing of her nose when there was no mucus;
throat clearing;
her chest would twitch when breathing;
arm twitching
My daughter took her to see a neurologist.
The neurologist did a number of tests to make sure there was no brain issues such as tumors. Thank God there weren't any.
At the same time she was diagnosed with Tourette's, she was also diagnosed with ADHD.
Her psychiatrist put her on meds for the ADHD AND the ticks.
She definitely does much better with her ticks when she is calm and not stressed.
When she is agitated and/or stressed, the ticks get much worse.
Besides the meds, she also went for behavioral therapy to help her learn coping strategies when she is upset or stressed.
Hope this helps!