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Yes it’s Chronic. I’m 60 and it’s been chronic since I was 36. That was when I was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I’ve been great for that and from 37 until now I’m in the normal range. I’ve switched from Synthroid to Armour thyroid. I also like I mention before age 36 had the opposite problem intermittent severe diarrhea. I also have a history of severe endometriosis and recently have been diagnosed with diverticuli/ IBS-C. I’m active, normal weight, drink plenty and eat like a rabbit but throw in a little meat and lots of nut butter and I don’t even eat white or wheat bread anymore and no white rice or potatoes. I make a coconut bread with added psyllium, flax and chia seed. I eat this one to two times per day with almond butter.meds I take daily are 2. Armour thyroid, estrogen progesterone supplement( had a hysterectomy at 43 for severe endometriosis), 3. 1333 mg mag citrate cap plus a 400 mg mag ox cap 4. Calcium 5. Celebrex 100 mg for thumb arthritis 6. Mira lax one dose daily 7. I started taking glaucomonon a fiber once a day when I can. I’m an RN and it’s hard to take the time to squeeze everything in. I’ve tried linzess but I didn’t see any change plus in addition to everything else I’m taking. My Dr is afraid to try Montegrity on me. He says it’s new, I say so what. I’m going to change Drs. He blows me off, is of no help. Every one doesn’t fit in a box. I do all the right things and nothing helps and it’s getting worse. I did a CT scan all good and a Sitz study which did show delayed passing of the market…,,,Duh!!!!!! My intestines ( I believe it’s in my Sigmoid colon because that is where I feel my Poop setting for to long and the water gets sucked out and bingo rabbit pellets and they are a chore to dispel if you know what I mean. I for got I also take a big tablet called Super cleanse about three times a week which I COULD take every day but I don’t, it had cascara sagrada in it and some herbs to like slippery elm bark. It does help a tiny bit but in case things shut down completely I need something extra and that may be the answer if need be. So there you have it. I’m not abusing laxatives like my gastroenterologist believe. 24 years of Chronic constipation isn’t diarrhea buddy!!!!! I have also done pretty well at keeping myself from a total bowel obstruction. I even tried taking 5HTP and B6, to increase the serotonin and in the gut that increases peristalsis but the GI Doc wants me to stop that and try the 290 mg Linzess again which didn’t help me. I’m at a loss.

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I am sorry to hear all that you have gone through. I have suffered from constipation and IBS since my forties. I am 71 years old. I had a bowel obstruction in 2012 and it was due to a sigmoid volvulous. I had emergency surgery where they removed about 24 cm of sigmoid colon. I have suffered from severe constipation since then. I have see many GI docs and colon rectal surgeons in the last ten years I have been diagnosed with Colonic Dysmotility, pelvic floor dysenergia and a modest size rectocele, and a redundant colon and IBS. . I also have depression and anxiety as my quality of life is severely comprised. I am currently on 3mg of Trulance every other day. It is a strong med but it works and sometimes I just have to take breaks from it.. Miralax eventually works but causes severe cramping, bloating and gas. I am due to take an anal manomerty and colonoscopy soon. I have been offered surgery but I am trying to avoid that and will go to Mayo before I make that decision,