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non-length dependent neuropathy.

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Hi. I have similar symptoms which include my face (more on the left side) and my tongue in addition to my limbs. I am in the beginning stage (idiopathic) of this illness. Have the symptoms gotten worse over years? If so, how fast did they progress? Thanks very much.

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Hi @sf2021, Welcome to Connect. I posted a few scholarly articles on non-length dependent SFN earlier in the discussion that you might find helpful here – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/non-length-dependent-neuropathy/?pg=1#comment-465250

You ask some really good questions which we've all thought about after we were diagnosed with neuropathy. I'm not sure anyone can give you an answer but we wall can share our experiences. Myself and others have shared their journey with neuropathy in another discussion here – Member Neuropathy Journey Stories: What's Yours?: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/member-neuoropathy-journey-stories-whats-yours/

Are you able to share a little more about your diagnosis and any tests or treatments you have tried?

Ah, finally I see that someone else has symptoms on the face and tongue. Me too. Care to share your treatments?

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