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Darlia, I was just told by my nephrologist on Wednesday that even though there is no data that even with all my allergic reaction I should still consider taking the vaccine but to do so only in a medical setting. When I told him I did not feel there is enough data as of yet for those of us with multiple autoimmune diseases for the safety and efficacy of the vaccine he told me to monitor the drug companies closely that one is working on a pill form for those extremely sensitive to vaccines. Just the stress of dealing with the daily fear of contracting covid-19 and the fact that even with all the medications my markers are still increasing and not decreasing I cannot chance an adverse reaction. My CKD is now midrange stage 4, thyroid hormones almost totally depleted so more medication changes. As you, just being able to do the minor things around the house are good days. It is a lonely disease and tired of explaining to others because it is a silent disease so unless someone understands it they are blind to it. Being frustrated with the decrease in eyesight but knowing that vision is a trade off to the medications to at lease maintain a minimal daily function. At this point I am staying quarantined as our area people not only will not mask but will bully those that do. It's not worth the headache. I am not as active on Mayo Connect as I should be but do read it everyday. I will continue to monitor the different vaccine companies for more relevant data but after years of being a guinea pig as a military dependent I am going to wait and see. If this changes I will share info. I have 2 adult children that has received the vaccine. I know the daughter that has Hashimoto had more side affects than the daughter that has no autoimmune disorders.

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@devonsnana You said how AD are very lonely because no one sees you as sick. I feel that way too. Then, I found this article and it has helped
I put in the wrong article! Sorry. This one is much better. It’s about the loneliness we feel because “we don’t look sick.”

Not really understanding your whole situation I have only this to offer: I have had chronic Lyme for almost 30 years. 2.I have had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for at least 32 years. 3. I have CKD stage 3. I was in bed at home with Covid in April for approximately 5 days. To be certain that I had Covid and not a Lyme relapse (my symptoms being similar) I had my antibodies checked. I don't know if I I suffered virus after effects. It may have made the CKD worse but I am unsure. I am glad I did not take a chance on the vaccine which as you can learn from the daily newscasts is not protecting people very well and is surely doing harm to many. The suggestion that each variant may require booster shots further convinces me that the preventive value of the vaccine has been way over estimated.

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