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We know that depression, anxiety and underlying conditions can effect immune response, but I would not be overly concerned about one episode.
Are you experiencing any after-effects from the vaccine such as headache, fever, aches, fatigue, etc? These reactions would be evidence that your immune system is stepping up to do its job.

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Thank you for replying Sue! I have read that as well about depression and anxiety weakening the immune system. I guess I'm concerned and a bit angry because I had been so careful this entire pandemic and the first shot went great. I was fully ready for the second and came home feeling amazing. It was that 2-3 hours later when an unforeseen event sent me into first anger and fear and then major panic and anxiety. It was mostly continuous for about 12 hours till I went to bed. The anxiety persisted all through today, so about 4 days thus far. The kind of anxiety where you can't breathe, shaking inside, nausea, etc… I got very worried immediately after the initial anxiety started because I know it could affect the vaccine and immunity. That led to more anger, anxiety and feeling like I am no longer protected from Covid like I should have been. Anyone with anxiety knows how this never ending loop goes! I did start medication today which has helped a bit. I am hoping that since it takes a couple weeks to even create the immunity (from what I read) that my immune system can calm down and still create ample antibodies to that 95% efficacy.

As for the side effects. The first shot was just a very sore arm. The second dose I developed a sore arm within a couple hours and then the next day had muscle pain and headache which lasted only a couple hours and a REALLY sore arm. I'm much better today. I apologize for the long reply. I was going to message you but thought this could help others if they had questions as well. Thank you!