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TKR and knee braces

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Hello Buickturboman, I had TKR done August iof 2019. I still have issues with sleeping at night b/c of pain and also b/c of tightness or the feeling of a “band” wrapped around my knee. By Nov. 2019, I wasn’t able to ride the bike b/c right knee couldn’t make a full
Rotation. Long story short and after seeing 6 different doctors, no two ever had the same reason for my pain and lack of movement! Well #6 dr. Sent me to allergist. Where I was tested for metals, glues, and antibiotics. To my surprise I test positive to neomycin,which is antibiotic AND methyl methacrylate, this is bonding agent for the glue used in cement, which they use to keep prosthetic stable as your bone grows over it. That is my issue for pain at night, and day! See if you can get allergy testing done. I hope you don’t get a positive result. I at least, have a reason, but if u don’t get anywhere re allergy testing meaning you’re not allergic, I think over time it will ease up. Good luck!

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I assume there is nothing that can be done for those allergic to the hardware or glue afterwards.
One would have hoped pre op testing would have been performed prior to surgery. My o e dr said to live with this. Easy to say ,balf the time I wish I wasn’t living in this manner for not much of a life for me. Not really worth finding g out if I too am allergic if nothing can be done about it I guess.

I’m getting ready to have my third surgery on my left knee…. tried to tell the 1st dr both times that my body either doesn’t like the metal or glue, great dr, but he wouldn’t listen…..I hurt constantly!! Neither one was done at Mayo, so hopefully Dr Clarke listens to me and changes everything so I don’t have issues this time!!

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