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Intuitive Eating

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Thinking back to my childhood, and the difficult war years, I had gag reflex experiences in school because of being forced to eat what was put in front of me.
My mother went to school and instructed the teachers to cease and desist after I vomited terrible tasting food. So I understand the problem of not liking some foods and really liking others. It helps if we learn to enjoy healthy choices at an early age, and I remember what problems my mother had trying to teach my father to eat veggies after his removal of a huge ulcer. We often don't want to give up our accustomed bad eating habits. Fresh food minimally prepared tastes the best to me, however my daughter thinks V-8 juice smells awful and doesn't want to be in the same room when I drink it. I often think of eating as training my body to metabolize and utilize food the best that it can, depending on the circumstances. I doubt none of us is going to starve ourselves if we don't eat every bite of our veggies. But please don't put sausage gravy on my plate and expect me to eat it. Yes, I think I would gag. At breakfast? There are other choices for breakfast. My recent blood test showed no deficiencies as a result of my diet, so I think I am doing well. Now and then I try a new food just to have variety in taste and not become addicted to certain "comfort" foods. I must limit the dark chocolate even though it is currently on the healthy list.
Wine can be addicting, but the health experts often praise the benefits. After all, it is preserved grapes and mentioned often in the Bible and has stood the test of time. I am grateful we can share notes and improve our eating in due time, depending on what works for our particular needs and wishes.
It is good that we care about working on answers together. It makes my day. Dorisena

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Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, wine is one of the things I am rather averse to.