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Intuitive Eating

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Thanks for the link to the article. I am slowly making progress in the Intuitive Eating method. Sometimes my body and emotions want different things and I am learning to recognize that. With trying to regulate blood sugar, sometimes my body and sugar levels are not in sync. I have been told there are more expensive meds out there that are "smarter" than glipizide but I am just not ready to commit that kind of money if I don't have to. As I said, I am doing better, learning to add in protein snacks so I don't have big sugar drops in the middle of the afternoon. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes trying to monitor how my body is feeling in regard to hunger and also trying to avoid drops and spikes.

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There is a couple of other sources you might look at. One is the whole 30 program where it helps you look at food differently by cutting out certain food groups and then slowly, after 30 days adding them back in. For me it like reset or changed my digestive system so I started to eat and enjoy different foods. Even some that I had not eaten for years because I had adverse reactions when I ate them. One example is onions.
Another program my endocrinologist/ diabetic Doctor had me go on is called HMR. It is a diet where you learn about different foods especially fruits and vegetables. They teach you about many different types of f/v, like jicama, star fruit and etc. They also teach different ways to prepare foods by grilling, air fryer, crockpot or roasting. I have been on this for over a year and have lost 100 pounds. The amazing part is that I was able to improve my numbers to where they are a little below 5. I also have gotten off of 2 heart meds that I had been on for 25 years. The other key for me was to keep moving. I try to walk or do some type of exercise for 1 hour a day which helps me tremendously as far as mentally and what I want to eat.
Hope this helps some.