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Intuitive Eating

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Yes, we eat to make us feel comfort and happiness. Years ago many people were not informed about good health from eating, and only ate what they were accustomed to. I know people who ate the same menu every week and their grandchildren explained that if it was Tuesday, it would always be a certain soup. If you are down or depressed you want something like fat food or chocolate which seems to cheer you up, until too much bloats your tummy. I go for change, variety, and unusual meals and it seems to improve my attitude.
Food is my friend, my inspiration, and contributed to my sense of achievement and success. Lack of fresh veggies makes me cranky.
It helps to stretch our minds, and seek new adventures in foods. Learning can be exciting at times. I understand. Dorisena

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I learned to eat a lot of new things in college and while I was living in Hawaii. Unfortunately, I still have a gag reflex to certain veggies. That does not make eating them fun – nor appropriate in public. I eat more veggies than I used to. I am happy with a salad. I cook with peppers and onion – even sometimes eat peppers raw. I can tolerate carrots. Corn I will eat if it is dry (juices in almost all veggies trigger the gag reflex – why?!). I have had good grilled asparagus but have not yet successfully made my own. I have been told I should try more grilled or broiled veggies. It just feels hard with so many other things I have to balance in my life. I just need a personal chef, right? ;-p