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Intuitive Eating

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Hi @jeanniem, In addition to @dorisena 's comment, I wanted to share with you a great blog on intuitive eating. I encourage you to scroll down to "what's the difference between Intuitive eating and Mindful eating". I think it gives good insight to the fact that it is more a state of mind that you find your self in rather than what you like and don't like to eat. Focusing on a healthy body and mind and not as much on how something tastes. Of course, this is just my interpretation. I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well.

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Yes, we eat to make us feel comfort and happiness. Years ago many people were not informed about good health from eating, and only ate what they were accustomed to. I know people who ate the same menu every week and their grandchildren explained that if it was Tuesday, it would always be a certain soup. If you are down or depressed you want something like fat food or chocolate which seems to cheer you up, until too much bloats your tummy. I go for change, variety, and unusual meals and it seems to improve my attitude.
Food is my friend, my inspiration, and contributed to my sense of achievement and success. Lack of fresh veggies makes me cranky.
It helps to stretch our minds, and seek new adventures in foods. Learning can be exciting at times. I understand. Dorisena

Thanks for the link to the article. I am slowly making progress in the Intuitive Eating method. Sometimes my body and emotions want different things and I am learning to recognize that. With trying to regulate blood sugar, sometimes my body and sugar levels are not in sync. I have been told there are more expensive meds out there that are "smarter" than glipizide but I am just not ready to commit that kind of money if I don't have to. As I said, I am doing better, learning to add in protein snacks so I don't have big sugar drops in the middle of the afternoon. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes trying to monitor how my body is feeling in regard to hunger and also trying to avoid drops and spikes.