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Sample sounds for hearing aid adjustments?

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reply to both tony and ken: It isn't just the training of hearing specialists that is done poorly: people pay megabucks for a college education, but often the instructors don't really teach what needs to be learned. When my daughter was a sophomore, majoring in health care, she was required to take at least one communication class. She found herself in a class of juniors, all communication majors…and they wound up asking her to write everything because none of them were able to write coherently! Imagine: juniors in communication who weren't able to summarize their project on paper!
This isn't just something new, either: I've had a half-dozen graphics interns and grads over the years, and none of them knew how to size a photo, not even the ones who had just completed four years of graphics study at a major college! None of them had ever been handed "real world" assignments. Instead, they were given greeked type (i.e., meaningless, use as much as you need to fill any space) and some images to place on two blank pages. No difficulties, like having to fit ALL the copy in plus at least one image, or, worse, fit in all the copy and an image PLUS a couple of ads! That's the real world of magazine publishing! None of them were lazy or stupid, just not taught anything really useful. The concept that a publication, be it a magazine, book, or flyer, may only have certain pages where color is possible was entirely new to them. Think about all the books printed of "soft" paper with an 8- or 16-page insert of photo pages on slick paper.
I think it's flat criminal that so many people spend lots of money and four years of their lives, but really don't get the tools they need to be successful in their chosen profession. It's usually up to some old grayhead to give them a crash course in how to do the work! I've learned everything by the seat of my britches, but I know technical stuff that simply isn't taught anywhere, at least that I'm aware of. I'm sure it's the same with hearing professionals, whether they're audis or fitters. I think that's why the fitter I work with knows more than any of the audis I've been too: just a desire to learn more and the stubborness to find answers. Cranky, aren't I?

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@joyces Its ok to be cranky.. I taught architectural type courses for 20 yrs at the big Universities in OK.. I practiced Architecture 20 years before teaching.. The Oregon K-12 schools are so much better than in the south.. and Yes, I had a saying.. only 20% could make it through all 4 years.. but we would try to pull them kicking and screaming to competency…

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