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Sample sounds for hearing aid adjustments?

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I think these “experts” in fitting and selling hearing aids should have a TV for customers to listen to as well as background or table conversation to decipher. In a typical four walled, quiet 20 by 10 square office, I can hear pretty well. But then REALITY HITS when I leave, And the computer high tech hearing aids do not automatically adjust nor send reports to the manufacturer, and I am left with fiddling with buttons on the devices as usual.

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@coppermoon, I agree. The hearing aid manufacturers boast how well their newest products are the best in the world for cancelling background noise, yet we still struggle with understanding speech in noise. We say "prove it", yet the audiologists do not try to simulate real world conditions in their offices. We are told to use the products and come back if there are problems. So, we go to a party and the aids fail miserably. We go for a reprogramming and are asked to try again. By the time we get to another social function, the 30 day trial period has expired. We are stuck with them without being able to try another brand. But, with any brand, we end up with the same problem. The manufacturers need to give us more control of the hearing aids to better adjust for different listening environments. We need not fall for their advertising gimmicks.
Tony in Michigan

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