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Lacy (@lacy2)

Demoralization or Depresssion ?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Feb 24, 2021 | Replies (19)

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@lacy2 I'm so sorry your down in the pits again I get those but not often yet but if we don't get out and socialize with other people .I read something about food certain kinds maybe a culpert also Do you keep a good journal .To see if you start to feel bad after certain foods? I know sugar is a killer for everyone.But how do you stop it ? Anyway just wanted to pass this on Hope you feel better and we all get more sunshine and fresh air

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.@lioness and @ginger …thank you … I am so "mouthy" when I am feeling better and then the pains/prssur, and stress of upcoming doctor appointments (via phone or internet) just overwhelm me…. and the emotional side wins. My physical certainly now rules my mental health. Even tho video/phone appointments coming up for the ear pain had for months, and what I feel are internal tremors on top of all the other illnesses I have, there really isnt a lot they can do and I have had so many meds over the years and tests, at 77 really don't want to pursue. Ginger I typed a separate thank you to you before this but when pressed enter, it disappeared. So nice of you all to help me… it is appreciated but I get even too down to accept a covid friendly visit from my adult daughters/not only having a self pity party, I am not inviting any guests. Bothers my spouse too to see me/hear my words, as he is recuperating from heart surgery…. I don't have a tremendous lot….but would give it all up to live in one room with straw on the floor in exchange to feel well even for a short time.. … J.

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