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Lacy (@lacy2)

Demoralization or Depresssion ?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Feb 24, 2021 | Replies (19)

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Oh feel like I am slipping back; every time I get out of the D pit: depression, demoralization, darn well fed up; I get a progression of one of my illnesses or something a little "new" just to make it interesting . At least have hope the our of town Neurologist contacting me via computer screen mid March and ENT phone call end of March – but in meantime I will confess I am finding it hard …. got a bit over-confident when had a few days with a few hours almost normality, not quite, and now ding dong bell, back in the well. I have no family dr. and just cannot wait five hours at emerge clinic this time as know they cant do anything until discussion with specialists; I dont want to start staying on my bed all day but did today but its when I move around the internal tremors, which is relatively new/worse, and waiting to get emergency dental appointment for another molar to be removed…I know its self pity but I tried so hard after husband came home after major surgery, but seems as he is getting slightly better I am getting a bit worse and mor vocal…. got those "how can I end this" blues again which isnt helping him or me. Am still suspicious of side effects contributing to it all but what can we do? Have to take the meds. Hope everyone is having a happier day , if not a worse one than yesterday 💕

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@lacy2 Take a breath, then take another. Keep posting here. Write down your feelings as they come up. We are here for you.

@lacy2 I'm so sorry your down in the pits again I get those but not often yet but if we don't get out and socialize with other people .I read something about food certain kinds maybe a culpert also Do you keep a good journal .To see if you start to feel bad after certain foods? I know sugar is a killer for everyone.But how do you stop it ? Anyway just wanted to pass this on Hope you feel better and we all get more sunshine and fresh air

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