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Lacy (@lacy2)

Demoralization or Depresssion ?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Feb 24, 2021 | Replies (19)

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@southcarolinagirl and all…. thank you for your support. I have more to the story but trying to keep it in bite-size pieces as am sure many of us do. The list grows longer….. I now "cherish" any hour or hours or parts of days that feel "normal" to me I would trade all I have, which is not a lot, to have that feeling again… I hadn't realized growing old with illness was so horrible. I thought people just got grey hair and wrinkles. Of course coming to Canada at 18 alone I did not see my Grandmother's aging and suffering nor my Mum or Dad's – it might have been a fore-warning. Always those worse off I know but I suppose I would sum it up as saying "I've had enough." Seems ungrateful…. J.

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@lacy2 Our "normal" changes over time, it seems. What was a level field years ago, now is morphed into something different. I think it goes for everything, myself. What used to be accepted as normal for me, is probably never going to happen again. I have learned to accept that, and make the best of it all as it is, now. It's all part of how life goes. We can choose to be sad/mad/tired of it all, or accept is as a challenge. My health challenges will never allow me to be okay in the future, but that means I have a new type of future to look forward to. My way to look at it is as a stepping stone, rather than mill stone.

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