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Lobectomy scheduled—What kind of home help will I need?

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@onestepatatime– Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I know how you must feel and I'm here to walk you through this. Operations are very scary, to begin with, but having plans for your recuperation are as important and will ease your mind. When you first wake up the nurse will have to remove the hose that was attached to your incubator. You might sleep through it. Your first breath will be difficult because a machine was breathing for you. Don't panic. It will take a few days for it to become easier. You will be given some exercises and it's important to do them, even if it's hard, to help prevent pneumonia.

Laparoscopic surgery is much easier on your body than the open chest surgery that I had for my 2 lobectomies. Aftercare and recuperation are very similar though. You might have pain and need pain pills, so don't plan on driving for a while as your reaction time won't be up to par. It takes a few days for anesthesia to wear off. And you will be tired, very tired. You should be able to shower and dress by yourself. I think that your idea of checking into a rehab center for a week or so is brilliant. They'll be able to get you back on your feet and give you stretching exercises to help.

You have the right to have clear, concise answers from your doctor. If you still have questions make sure to write them down and call his office and get answers.

Despite the type of instruments that will be used on you removing a lobe of your lung changes the geography of your chest and you will be pretty much mending for a while.

Can I help with any other questions? What kind of lung cancer do you have?

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Thank you!!

Hi my name is Kevin I had a stage 3 tumor removed from my right lung six months ago I am going to see my doctor this week I never had any pain what so ever I didn’t take any pain pills.when I woke up after the surgery the nurse asked me what my pain level was from 1. To 10 I said zero they were in awww i was walking within a few hours i was in the hospital for 5 days got home and I felt like I never had an operation no pain breathing with ease i stayed in the house for a week and a half then went to the hospital to see my doctor and have an exray done of my chest done so she could see my lung she was amazed with my recovery so she said I will see you in a few weeks keep doing what you’re doing Kevin with a big smile i replied what about working she said Kevin you need at least six more weeks for that i said to her i just came up three floors using the stairs and my oxygen level is at 100 i was like dancing around the room we were in i said look at me i can’t hang out at home I’m going out of my mind she said promise me you won’t lift anything more than a coffee cup and do what you’re body tells you omg I was almost in tears thanks for your help to my team at wentworth Douglas hospital and mass general hospital