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COVID vaccines and neuropathy

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Interesting. My neuropathy symptoms have increased as well over the past week and a half since I got my first dose. I figured it was just the continuing onslaught of Tacrolimus. I wish us both a positive non-symptomatic response to the second shot!

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@athenalee please keep us updated
Thanks for sharing

@athenalee I wonder how many that have noted increased neuropathy symptoms after COVID vaccine live in areas of the country that have been experiencing freezing, freezing weather. Does your neuropathy get worse when its cold?

Hello @athenalee and others in this discussion group.

Last year, Sept. 2020, I had Shingles. I was in a great deal of pain for several weeks. By the end of the month, I didn't need to use any more Gabapentin for the pain and felt back to normal. After my first COVID vaccination (Pfizer) in January of this year, I had a slight return of the Shingles-like pain and it was in the same area where my Shingles had been the year before.

I contacted my neurologist and she said that it could be that the Shingles virus (which remains in your body) might have been activated by the COVID vaccine. She said that while this neuropathy pain was not mentioned as a specific side effect of the COVID vaccine the hospital has had other patients reporting these same types of symptoms.

After my second COVID vaccination, I had some similar discomfort but it didn't last very long and I feel back to normal again. I feel that the discomfort was worth the protection I hope to have as a result of the vaccine.

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