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Question about therapies

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What a “great” resilience story! Good for you! I’ll never quit looking for “my cause”(as I deal with it “best I can”)—just can’t accept that it can’t be found—in my “long term study” of my disease—people that get better always have “big time” diet changes involved in it—very little neuropathy(known) before WW2–food started getting preservatives and “fast food” took over—our bodies didn’t get the nutrients needed from food and all “kinds of breakdowns happened—including migraine increases—check out 7 System Plan on YouTube—maybe it could change your life—until we get that “pain free” body(only thru Christ-hope you know)—Power On

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Hi @crisis1152 I agree the changes with lifestyle through the years can be a contributing factor; but, let’s not forget the reason there was little neuropathy prior to WW2. The population was generally thinner then because of the more physical labor required for survival. Who farms anymore with a vegetable garden using physical labor? Let’s face it with technology booming after WW2 so did Diabetes. People became less active. When we were kids it was common to play outside. What kids did we see playing outside recently before Covid-19? I guess along with technology sacrifices have to be made unless we consciously make an effort to improve our health. I knew better to do just that. I was never forced to eat foods that contained harmful ingredients or preservatives. At times I may not like cooking but I do it for the control of ingredients. I like knowing what I eat. We may not be able to control our environment completely but we can do the best we can. We do have choices. Not enough people in the past voiced their opinions to create a change with our foods in the grocery store so it continued until a few years ago. I believe people like to take the easy way out which may not be the best depending on the situation.

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