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Question about therapies

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Is this your opinion or Mayo’s—not trying to be smart either—talked to Charlene(believe that was her name) in research at Mayo for months—then scrambled “everywhere” for info about this disease—my extensive research has led me to medical field is controlled by “big pharma” on the whole and research is either “nonexistent” or “way” to slow—“functional medicine” people have given the most “reasonable” info—what we put into our bodies had to be a big part of this—now how do I correct that(still diagnosis of idiopathic—which to me means haven’t found doctor smart enough or willing to take the time to run it down)—lyrica-gabapentin-cymbalta and others will NEVER fix anything—just “mask” symptoms “at great peril”—God doesn’t mean for people to live this way—there HAS to be a way out!

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@crisis1152 you hit the nail right on the head. These meds can have serious side effects and were never intended (I believe anyway) to treat pain. How do we fix this so people with serious chronic pain can actually get pain meds they need? Suicide can’t be the only option

@crisis11152, Like I mentioned earlier, it is just my opinion based on investigating laser therapy for my small fiber PN to find something that would help the numbness in my feet and ankles. I have learned to be very skeptical unless I see medical evidence through patient clinical trials and scientific evidence. For me, there are just too many people making big money off of the symptoms of us patients with neuropathy. I'm not a supporter of "big pharma" but there are some things that drugs help people just get through the day with their pain.

Since I know there are no drugs or topicals that will help me "fix" the numbness from neuropathy, I'm down to taking supplements I've found that have seemed to slowed or stopped the progression of my neuropathy. It is subjective on my part but it still seems like a win-win for me. My best resources for help with neuropathy have been:

– Neuropathy Commons: https://neuropathycommons.org/
– Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy: https://www.foundationforpn.org/living-well/
– Searching for medical research information on Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/

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