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One good article from a neurologist / neuroscientist that can explain what you were saying about mind (stress) causing actual physical symptoms:

“our day to day experience in life is absolutely FILLED with inconsequential symptoms that our brain and body naturally filter out.

Think about the onslaught of information overload your brain must deal with each day. Peripheral nerves spontaneously shooting off, either in response to some stimulus (appropriate) or not (inappropriate).

I'm sure everyone can remember a random grabbing pain in one part of their body that came on for no particular reason (ie. you weren't actually being stabbed) and passed just as quickly.

This is NORMAL. Our body is not perfect, and the brain's mammoth task is mostly to filter the infinite information to make sense of its environment. Is that jabbing pain a potential attack, or is it muscle spasm?

Mental health disorders, including anxiety, disrupt the normal pathways that sort through this information. Thus, what was once a transient, benign symptom suddenly becomes interpreted as potentially threatening.

Much like the Princess and the Pea, once your brain locks in on something and decides it's important, it then focuses additional resources on investigating it further – invariably this means such usually-benign symptoms are increasingly detected, and the symptoms then become self-fulfilling:

"It'd go away if it was nothing, but now I'm feeling it often, it must be something".

Interesting point of view and very relevant to my situation where stress and anxiety, irrational fears and hypochondria kind of came together and instead of focusing on moving forward I obsess with looking for some underlying issues that I convince myself it’s there.

Good luck with acupuncture and massage – I scheduled the same 🙂

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@borkoksg-this is accurate. If more people understood this, they could save themselves from this cycle and work on the real problem at hand. Googling symptoms and seeking answers from people who are also googling symptoms, will keep you stuck.
Stress/Anxiety manifests in the body. If this emotion is not addressed, then starts the bodily symptoms.
Where the mind goes, the energy flows.
Work on your thoughts first. The last place you need to be is a doctors office for health anxiety. Doctors actually make a lot of money off of people who can not trust themselves and their body.
Work from within and address the patterns you have created that are not serving you.
Cheers to you for learning this and taking a real approach to help yourself.