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@craigjulian Oh, we’ve all been drawn to those rabbit holes!! A total labyrinth of trouble down there. LOL. Joking aside, I’m really sorry you’re having all this anxiety. It could even be a bit of PTSD from being an essential worker in the midst this pandemic. Thank you for being so brave and caring for patients who truly needed your assistance. It can’t help but take a toll emotionally, physically and mentally.

My experience with acupuncture was nothing short of miraculous! It’s totally painless and quite relaxing. The results were profound in relieving all the symptoms! I went into this with absolutely no expectations and had my doubts. But after the first session I was speechless by the time I got home! It was like magic! Each treatment had a lasting affect of about 6 weeks. The follow up massages then prevented a recurrence.

Have you tried any mindfulness techniques or meditation just to refocus your thoughts to alleviate some stress?
Wishing you all the best with results of the EMG, Monday. Please let us know the results, won’t you? Lori.

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Hi Lori,
Thanks again for all your advice. My EMG showed c8 and L4 radiculopathy, and no motor neuron disease. I have appointments for acupuncture and massage next week- thanks for those suggestions.
I’m still having the same symptoms but with more pain in my thumb and leg. I think you’re right, this might all be caused by living in a highly emotional and anxious state for almost a year. It’s hard to believe what prolonged stress can do to your body and how it can cause so many physical symptoms.
Amyway, I just wanted to say thanks again and I hope you’re doing well.