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Thanks for the great advice. I haven’t been to a massage therapist in years. I’m going to give it a try. I am definitely open to acupuncture, never tried it. My problem is, I should have never started searching online for a diagnose. I went down a rabbit hole with ALS. The EMG will hopefully rule that out and I can have some sanity again.
I’m glad you found some relief from your similar issue. Thanks again for responding to my post.

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@craigjulian, First a big thanks for your front lines work with Covid patients. That added stress for your own health safety would make most of us twitch all over!

Probably most of us are nodding our heads in vigorous agreement at "going down the rabbit hole" in searching Dr. Google for help with health issues!

Years ago, after exhausting traditional docs' prescribed muscle relaxers for a back injury which left me so zonked I couldn't go to work, I was desperate for relief. Despite my fear, I made myself go to a chiropractor who was also trained in acupuncture. She used acupuncture on me exclusively and made me a believer in it for life! Now whenever a sudden back flare up occurs, I head straight for the relief of acupuncture.

She also explained how experiencing constant pain increases tension which aggravates the pain and suggested I try some relaxation techniques including massage and guided meditations. While each of us is different and a treatment plan won't work the same for each, I will always be grateful to that chiropractor/acupuncturist/counselor both for her physical treatment and for starting me on the path of more physical and emotional comfort during times of stress. Wishing you support, relief and comfort in your search for help.