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@craigjulian. Hi Craig and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. On Mayo Connect we’re not medical professionals so we can’t make a diagnosis. But we can draw on our own experiences. For years, I’ve had similar issues with my arm, neck and shoulder on one side with numbness, tingling and zaps of electricity. It was very disconcerting and inhibited my work. Do your remember what activities you were involved in prior to experiencing the numbness in your arm when you wake up? Do you do repetitive work which has your posture compromised? Are you lifting more with one side than the other?

You’ve seen neurologists, had two MRIs and your labs are good. You’re under a great deal of stress caring for Covid patients. A heightened state of stress and panic can eat us alive, I swear. We can easily tell ourselves stories that take over our logical thinking. You’re being proactive so that’s excellent.
Have you tried another avenue; this may not be neurological. Have you considered or been recommended to try a massage with a professional who works with myofascial release? My symptoms actually ended up being related to muscles and tendons in my back, affected after years of working in a dental office using poor posture. After exhausting all other avenues, I was referred to a Massage Therapist who specialized in deep tissue massage and Myofascial Release therapy. I also worked with a licensed acupuncturist who brought me the most relief on a long term basis. If nothing else, a good massage would help calm your anxiety until your doctors can get to the bottom of this. Lori.

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Thanks for the great advice. I haven’t been to a massage therapist in years. I’m going to give it a try. I am definitely open to acupuncture, never tried it. My problem is, I should have never started searching online for a diagnose. I went down a rabbit hole with ALS. The EMG will hopefully rule that out and I can have some sanity again.
I’m glad you found some relief from your similar issue. Thanks again for responding to my post.