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I will continue to post. Thank you. My calcium levels are in the uppermost of "normal". I will definitely read the link you sent. I spent almost a decade before my Fibro diagnosis and longer to get a biopsy on the thyroid. My blood pressure, pain, fatigue was always dismissed at stress. After awhile I quit trusting my own body. When things didn't feel right I wouldn't go to a doctor because I didn't want to be humiliated and go home without answers or have them prescribe a literal handful of meds without ever taking a blood test. So appointments were hit and miss and now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by this new undertaking. So thank you again. I appreciate any education I can get.

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I appreciate your continuing to post about your journey to find an answer to your health problems. It really is a journey, isn't it? It is too bad that your symptoms are brushed off as stress. This happens way too often to women and is unfair. I would also like to invite another member of the NETs discussion group, @elm60. I hope that she will share with you some of her experiences as well.

As you mentioned that you have blood pressure that is not well controlled, have you been referred to a nephrologist? One of our members, @predictable, had a lot of success getting his BP under control with the help of a nephrologist.

@toomanyoars, do you know yet what your doctor's next steps will be?