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@olduncledave- Good morning and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. My husband's name is Dave and I had to chuckle at your signage. Antibiotics are for bacterias and COVID-19 and its variants are viruses. The CDC advises not to have any other vaccines two weeks before your covid vaccine. There is also some evidence that taking OTC anti-inflammatories immediately before the vaccine can reduce its efficacy. The suggestion is that they might interfere with kick starting your immune system. Recommendations state that if you are taking a medication prescribed by your doctor (s) then continue to take them.

"People should not take a painkiller as a preventive measure before getting a vaccine unless a doctor has told them to, he said. The same goes for after a shot: “If you don’t need to take it, you shouldn’t,” Watanabe said (https://apnews.com/article/painkillers-coronavirus-vaccine-explain-9096ee03e63ef4b8b6b81c1736388027)


If you have a serious concern make sure to always talk to the prescribing doctor.

Is there a particular medicine that you are worried about?

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Hello Merry, I am taking 2 blood thinners, dont think they are a problem. (I had a 5 bypass surgery 4 years ago.) I have a bad heart valve, that needs replacing. I am now 80 yr old. The medicine in question is any of the antibiotics. They are often given out like candy. I am not taking any, but if one was on them and it came time for your 1st or 2nd shot what should one do?