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Post Polio Syndrome

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@bruce0712 can you clarify if your request for an appointment was to explore a diagnosis with a specialist or did you focus on obtaining a statement? I am just curious what the approach was that you took when requesting an appointment. Thank you for sharing if comfortable.

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I had never had an evaluation of my overall condition that would focus on everything and as to whether or not any 2 of my conditions are related as well. Just for knowing if treatment for one is affecting treatment for another. That is primary. But my other need is an expert opinion....not necessarily stating as a fact....that my exposure to agent orange chemical more likely than not resulted in the issues I ran into as I aged. There is nobody in my family tree who ever had any of these issues and that goes for siblings, cousins, and all of their offspring. It would be helpful to have someone examine to determine exactly what I am experiencing with regard to hand shaking and plus total arm shaking when carrying a dinner plate, plus entire body shaking when I dance close with someone. A number of times I got commnets from a dance partner "why are you shaking" when I thought my tremors were only in my hands. Seems under certain situations I shake elsewhere.Then the ED issues, low T, anxiety, frequent fatigue and frequent nights of bad sleep. I already have VA benefits but they always assume I am somehiow getting better yet I know things have only steadily gotten worse even though I can function reasonably well as I have learned to try to deal with it all, but doing so affects how I live day to day. Seems I have made my day to day living accomodate my issues.