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Post Polio Syndrome

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I did attempt to find a doctor at the Mayo Clinic who would evaluate my tremors as it relates to my having polio when I was almost 2 years old. I was trying to also find a specialist who would make a statement that says that my exposure to Agent Orange while I served in Vietnam is not necessarily certain, but more than likely the cause of my tremors plus that this could well be post polio syndrome. I ache every day, my tremors are every day, if I hold a plate in my hand trying to serve myself at a buffet, my entire arm shakes, it LOOKS like Parkinson's yet I can't find anyone willing to diagnose me. I am now almost 69. In my phone conversation with someone at the Mayo (phone appointment) the lady told me that the Mayo could not make any such appointment for me. I was so disappointed. I just wanted a diagnosis of the overall picture relative to tremor/fatigue/post-polio/dioxin/anxiety and even my lack of testosterone. I feel like a mess. I really don't know where to turn, especially when the Mayo turns me down, they are only 90 minutes away from me 🙁

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I am empathetic as I too have tremors probably caused from the PPS I am recently experiencing. I suddenly cannot stand, walk and am living in bed with diapers. Has anyone found relief?
Swimming helped long ago but I haven't access to a pool.