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Hello @gra0714

I would like to add my welcome to you. I'm glad that you posted about your concern over your dad's recovery. At age 90, he has certainly been through a lot when you consider the exploratory surgery, radiation, etc. It is understandable that he would be weak, agitated and not feel well enough to eat.

I have had three surgeries of the upper digestive tract for a rare form of cancer, carcinoid cancer. I was younger than your dad when I had my surgeries, but I still have days when food doesn't really appeal to me and my appetite is rather weak.

I would certainly second what others have said regarding giving him whatever tastes good to him. Liquid nutrition drinks can be helpful if you put them in a blender with a banana or some frozen fruit. If there is a particular type of sherbet or ice cream that he likes that might appeal to him as well.

When I'm feeling nauseated, I crave cinnamon and I have no idea why, but it always helps to calm my stomach and I feel better.

I know you are concerned, but remember your dad's age and that he is dealing with some difficult diagnoses and needs time to adjust.

Will you post an update?

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Yes soon,thank you.