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Hi @gra0714, welcome to the Colorectal Cancer group. Digestive issues and troublesome bowels are not uncommon among colorectal cancer patients. I'd like to bring @virgo1952 @sundance6 @corn50 @1943 @troyhenn22 @kathleenweidmann and @lisag03 into this discussion as they may have some tips to share about managing nausea, diarrhea, constipation and all the variations.

Gra0714, it can be so distressing as a caregiver when a loved one doesn't eat, drink or sleep well. I can also understand your grandfather's agitation. My dad was like that too when we tried to get him to eat or drink. Speaking from our experience, we concentrated on one thing at a time. Perhaps that could be liquids or sleep in your grandfather's situation. For my dad, we made sure a glass full of ice (he liked his water really cold or to suck on ice cubes) at his 3 main resting stations - the easy chair, the chair by the front window and his bed. That way we weren't bringing him the water as soon as he sat down and it seemed less like hovering or pestering to him. Do you leave drinks around for him to sip?

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Good morning @gra0714. I’m sorry to hear your Dad is struggling. I remember Coleen’s story about her Dad when I first contacted this discussion group. My frustration with eating, drinking and the “healing” process. Colon resection after testing for cancerous tissue and testing positive. One year this October and still eating, drinking and walking to keep my body functioning as “normal” in my today’s world. I will share with you that I worked in a hospital and care center as a director and social worker Eating and drinking is more challenging (in general) as we age Coleen’s suggestions are very doable without infringing on your Dad’s decision making. My mother was 86 yrs old when she was diagnosed with bladder cancer after removing a large tumor in her bladder, following up with chemo and radiation. Her appetite was up and down. I fixed her whatever she wanted. (Changed daily) I just figured something was better than nothing. She craved Chinese food and (fortunately) I had taken a class and could fix it for her. She also suddenly like cranberry juice, did not nauseate her. Just jeep trying different food/liquid and expect your Dad’s need to change it up. I, myself, could only eat toast with creamy peanut butter and pickles the first two months after my re-section. I think my craving for vinegar from the pickles (bread and butter) helped settle my stomach. I know several people who swear by vinegar for stomach issues. Maybe a supplement drink or one you can make for him daily, packed with good vitamins. Being drinkable may be easier for him. Hydration is a biggie. Well, I hope this is helpful and I want you to know, we all are thinking about you. Don’t hesitate to chat, even when you just need a listening ear. Take care. virgo52