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@contentandwell. Fish are boned but it's not 100% bone free. So long since I've had red snapper, or sole, or halibut - not available here - I no longer remember. Kinda sad....

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Replies to "@contentandwell. Fish are boned but it's not 100% bone free. So long since I've had red..."

Yes, I used to worry about it but salmon bought in frozen pieces seems to be relatively free of any bones. It is easy to pick them out of a can of salmon because of the way the salmon is put into the can. I am not having any problem these days. I use the canned salmon for a stew or for a salmon mousse dip but am not having any parties these days. I throw shrimp into sauted veggies and season it. Garlic added to the mix helps with the immune system, according to some nutritionists. I grow garlic some years. Dorisena

@trishanna. I presume you don’t live in a large city, I’m sure they must have fresh fish there. I was on assignment in Chicago for four months when I was single and young and I was surprised to see how much fresh fish was there! I do not like to encounter bones in fish. Then I am suspicious of every bite I take.

I do enjoy fish and most weeks we manage to have it two times but that’s gotten more difficult now because we don’t go to stores, we get our groceries delivered. How pathetic is it that one if the things I’m most looking forward is doing my own grocery shopping?