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@trishanna I know very little about trout, I don’t see it often in the stores around here, but I agree with your other comments. I will not eat farm raised salmon and I would never eat tilapia. Neither of these are healthy choices.

The only farm raised fish I occasionally buy in Whole Foods is Arctic char. It’s related to salmon and to trout and it is delicious.

@dorisena having been brought in the Boston area I am used to good, fresh fish. I’m very careful about what I buy. There really is a difference in flavor when it’s really fresh.

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@ contentandwell. Being from the Midwest, I was shocked at how different red snapper tastes in Savannah, Georgia. Our fish choices - frozen mostly - are so limited.

I love lobster and don't need the dipping butter to eat it and enjoy. I can only buy small tails and need two tails for a meal. I bought frozen lobster pieces for a while, but they are not being stocked right now. I would like to try the lobster rolls they have in New England.

In northern Michigan they have Coho salmon and it tastes very good. My late husband went fishing there and brought home a fish.
But he never took up fishing as a hobby even though he liked fish, breaded and fried! Too much work for me. Dorisena