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I am accustomed to Nature's Bounty fish oil which the grocery has on sale at two for one. It may make you burp until you get used to it but I have taken it for years because my opthamologist said it helps with dry eyes and he took two a day. I started with one a day and now take two. My eyes are doing well and sometimes they are wet. i have plugs in the corners to help. My son takes Krill oil which is more expensive but he likes it better and it avoids the fish taste and the burps. Since I am hardly using any gas by staying home, I can afford the higher price as I want to see if I like them better. I eat lots of salmon and other fish in the oven and I eat shrimp although it is a higher cholesterol food. My numbers are low so I am o.k. there. My blood pressure is down and I am not worrying about it these days. I really like fish although it tastes even better fresh in Alaska! I try not to buy from foreign countries and can find wild Alaskan salmon in the frozen food section. Check the country of origin. I have beef in the freezer from a neighbor farmer but I am eating less these days.
Farm raised fish is controversial because of the fear of toxins in the water. Open ocean is considered safer and not as toxic. I can find frozen shrimp from the Caribean or upper Florida ocean bay which is safe in the grocery. I don't know the safety of shrimp from Chili but it is in the grocery frozen section. Sometimes I buy oysters from Cheasapeake Bay but always cook them. I have had bad oysters from Washington state and perhaps that is due to the length of storage or shipping schedules. Three oysters will provide you zinc requirements for a day. My father made an oyster stew when his tummy wasn't good and he insisted it healed his upset system. I am educated in food safety so I have lots of information. Dorisena

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I will try them cause I dnt like fish but my doctor say I need to eat it my triglyceride level are up

@dorisena We too eat a lot of fish and I will not purchase farm-raised. I pretty much buy all of my fish at Whole Foods because most of it there is wild. It can be difficult to find shrimp that is not farm-raised in Asia but I always try to. I'm not sure where you live, but up here in New England I have never seen fish from the Caribbean.