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Almost pure blood and blood clots in urine

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@so1frustrated Well, dang! I know you were hoping for an end to this! The last time I had a kidney infection, I was given a course of antibiotics, but it wasn't a long enough stint. My PC [first time it was a substitute dr] put me through a second course for 14 days. I don't recall which antibiotic was given, except that I had to get on probiotics to straighten out my gut, when everything was killed off.

With your continuing issue, you may have to advocate to get in as soon as possible. Let me know what happens, please.

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Thank you for following me in this. Sadly after a week of having normal looking urine and thinking all was fine after taking 2 courses of Cephalexin 500 mg 2x/day, the blood appeared again yesterday morning, the morning of seeing the urologist for follow-up. He is now scheduling me for a CT Urogram as 1st CT was done without contrast. My urine has been showing (in progression): blood of 3+ consistently; protein of 2+, then trace, now 1+; and leukocyte esterase of trace/trace/now 1+. All else is normal, and the blood panel my NP did shows normal kidney and liver function. He (Urologist) has also scheduled me for another cystoscopy in case he missed something the first time around. His focus is on cancer of the bladder because of previous history, although nothing has shown up yet. He keeps saying that he does not think it is infection because nothing is showing up on the culture. Please keep me in prayer if you are a praying person, and thank you for being there with advice and encouragement. Oh, he wanted to do another FISH test as the last urine cytology from my NP showed atypical cells again but I had to decline because of cost.