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Almost pure blood and blood clots in urine

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Hi Ginger, quick update. Had the full course of Bactrim, and was helping at first, but during treatment symptoms came back, off and on but not as bad. Today is follow-up with NP, and finished Bactrim (10-day course) last dose this past Monday morning. This morning when went to urinate after out of bed urinated heavy blood and blood clot again. Prior to this mostly honey colored, foamy urine, but occasionally almost normal looking urine so was hopeful . I am sure she will do urinalysis and culture again and praying that something shows up this time besides just blood, white cells and protein. Will ask for Keflex (generic) to try, asking for longest safe dosage. There is no sign of kidney or liver disease on CMP's; BUN, etc. within normal range. Hoping she is will to try one last round. Will definitely be following up with neurologist at end of March, but maybe sooner if NP wants me to and I can get in….really hard to schedule with them.

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@so1frustrated Well, dang! I know you were hoping for an end to this! The last time I had a kidney infection, I was given a course of antibiotics, but it wasn't a long enough stint. My PC [first time it was a substitute dr] put me through a second course for 14 days. I don't recall which antibiotic was given, except that I had to get on probiotics to straighten out my gut, when everything was killed off.

With your continuing issue, you may have to advocate to get in as soon as possible. Let me know what happens, please.

Be sure to have yourself checked for things like Gelsolin and FKTN. The quick and easy way is to look at your 12-lead EKG, at the sections marked aVR, aVL, VR, VL for signs of weak voltage to the heart, and check the QT time for length and equality between right and left cardiac signals. Any good cardiologist, and most GPs can help you. Then check out your genome for the deleterious genes that show with this area, cardiomyopathy and other symptoms. The Human Phenotype Ontology site is great for finding symptoms. My main impacted gene is number 2934. HPI.jax.app/browse/gene/2934 Put in your own gene number.